Metabolic Balance®

We have found Metabolic Balance to be the most effective weight loss programme 


We regularly use this programme to help people shed up to 20 kilos, without going hungry. Most importantly, they keep the weight off. And it works equally well for people with less weight to lose too.

What is Metabolic Balance®? It’s a diet for healthy weight management which was developed by doctors and nutritionists in Germany. It’s well established in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and was introduced to the UK in 2008.

What makes Metabolic Balance® different? It’s a Tailor Made Diet Especially for you! Metabolic Balance® uses blood analysis to generate an eating plan designed especially for you. But it is not to be confused with the Blood Type Diet, because it’s not based on your blood type it’s based on an analysis of your own blood.

It is not a fad diet – Metabolic Balance® is nutritionally sound and uses real food without any gimmicky or expensive meal replacements. You eat three nutritious meals every day and choose the foods for your meals from your personal food list. With the help of the right foods and a few simple rules you establish a new regime that enables you to achieve and maintain your perfect weight.

How does Metabolic Balance® work? The programme promotes hormone balance primarily by regulating the amount of insulin your body produces. Fat burning and weight loss occur almost as a side effect of restored hormone balance. Metabolic Balance has helped people suffering from all kinds of health problems including: Type 2 diabetes; rheumatism; migraines; insulin resistance; high blood pressure; fatigue; high cholesterol; osteoporosis; allergies, skin disorders etc. Other improvements that have been reported include increased energy, better sleep and an increased feeling of well-being.

Petronella was trained as a Metabolic Balance® coach by the programme’s founder, Dr Wolf Funfack, in December 2008 and has since helped many people to resolve their weight problems and reach their target weight. Julia J was the first person she coached and this is what Julia has to say about her experience:

“Looking back on 2009 – Metabolic Balance was the best thing that happened to me. And Petronella was the best consultant I could have met. When I started in February with about 83 kg I was very unhappy with my figure. As it turned out the programme itself was the best choice – no counting calories and literally seeing yourself losing the weight. The support Petronella gave me was incredible – tips on how to overcome the “dark patches”, baking recipes for Easter and working out the problems when the scale figures weren’t going down as they were supposed to. And giving me the motivation to go through with it when I thought the weight loss wouldn’t continue. It’s all about keeping perspective and giving yourself the little motivational targets like buying a new pair of jeans when you have reached a certain weight or looking forward to and planning that one cheating meal a week. The best moment for me was when we compared pictures: me in February and me five months later. That was an absolute revelation and a boost to self-confidence! Now almost a year has passed since I started and half a year since I finished the official part of the programme, 17 kg lighter than in February. But it is still part of my life and I am continuing to feel good about myself – thanks to Metabolic Balance and thanks to Petronella.”