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Phase 3 – The Petronella Effect


  • 29 AUGUST 2012

Despite over-indulging on holiday, after a few days following Phase Three of the plan (which you remain in until you reach your target weight or goal), my body has, incredibly, sprung back to where I was pre-holiday.

Petronella Ravenshear, explains that the science behind what is happening is all down to losing fat, rather than water – but this is a slow process that takes time: “In the first week or two, the body goes through a shake up as it is trying to switch from burning stored carbohydrates (which are in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles) to body fat. The body likes to maintain homeostasis and doesn’t like changes so it puts up a bit of a fight – it’s easier for it to burn glycogen than stored fat, but there comes a point when it just has to do it”. Ravenshear tailor-makes each and every programme and this is where the success rate of the programme lies. This week she prescribes Bionutri Fish Oil tablets to suppress afternoon sugar cravings and Nutri Ultra Muscleze magnesium powder, both of which will be my support system as I am left to spread my wings and fly solo at the end of the programme.

Six weeks in, my body, eating habits and energy levels have changed dramatically. Inspired by Petronella’s enthusiasm and warmth, this is not just a food plan for summer – it’s for life.



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