The Human Being Diet

A new way of feasting and fasting your way to energy, health and longevity (and it will make you thinner too)

The UK’s leading nutrition expert, Petronella Ravenshear, shares the secrets of what to eat and how to eat it to maximise our energy, health and longevity, with an exciting side effect: weight loss. But this is no diet book; there is no calorie counting, and no meal replacements, gimmicks or superfoods. The programme works to restore our health, to quell the inflammation and to reset our rhythm and our hormones by changing when, how often, and what we eat. 

The Human Being Dietis a blueprint for feasting and fasting our way to feeling, looking and being our best, whether we want to lose weight or not. It’s an easy to follow 3-month reset, which results in:

  • Great energy
  • Deeper, more refreshing sleep
  • Resolution of digestive problems 
  • Better sex
  • Clearer skin and fewer wrinkles
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased joie de vivre
  • Weight loss

We’re going to swap grains for vegetables, swap snacks for water, and swap TV for sleep. We’re going to be eating the food that speaks to our genes, the food that made us human. We’re going to use food as medicine to reduce the inflammation, to increase our energy and to nurture our beleaguered microbes. We’re going to look and feel the best that we can be and all because we’ve changed what and how we eat.

We’re going to turn back the clock and beat a retreat from the chronic diseases of ageing. We’re going to use our bodies as human laboratories to discover what suits us and what’s best left alone. Our liver and our adrenal glands will be fawning with gratitude and ramping up our energy, and our general joie de vivre. We’re resetting our rhythm and we’re bringing our hormones to heel in order to get hunger and cravings under control. We’re feeling better and brighter every day.

In this book, which is backed up by nearly 100 peer-reviewed papers, and which draws on Petronella’s clinical experience, and the teachings of Metabolic Balance™and clinical psychoneuroimmunology, we learn not only about how to avert chronic disease, and to prevent the expression of pro-inflammatory genes, but also what it takes to feel truly well.

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Petronella’s aim with the Human Being Diet is to convey the impact that diet and lifestyle has on how we feel and to empower us to make the necessary changes to help us feel better. ‘If we understand the ‘whys’ it’s much easier to make the changes. In fact, armed with this knowledge and understanding, it becomes impossible to avoid or to delay making the necessary changes’. The power is in our hands; we can turn our back on chronic diseases and weight problems, by changing what and how we eat, and by choosing to change our lifestyle.