A Week in New York, August 2015 – Part 2

Cocktails and Restaurants  Vote for best Margarita was a tough one – the remit: straight up, with salt and not sweet – and Empellon Taqueria, Cosme and the NoMad Hotel Bar all came up trumps. The winner by a whisker was Cosme, the hot new Mexican restaurant and bar in the Flatiron district. Noisy and […]

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A Week in New York, August 2015 – Part 1

Why August in NYC? August is the quietest month – the city empties out into the Hamptons and beyond and the New Yorkers left behind have had the stuffing knocked out of them by the heat. What always strikes me about NYC, and not just in August, is the temporary feel of the place and […]

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Vogue’s Verdict on the Metabolic Balance Programme: It’s a food plan for LIFE! www.vogue.co.uk

http://www.vogue.co.uk/beauty/2012/08/31/phase-3-–-the-petronella-effect Beauty Phase 3 – The Petronella Effect SHARE 29 AUGUST 2012 VOGUE Despite over-indulging on holiday, after a few days following Phase Three of the plan (which you remain in until you reach your target weight or goal), my body has, incredibly, sprung back to where I was pre-holiday. Petronella Ravenshear, explains that the […]

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Here is Part Two of Vogue’s Metabolic Balance Blog!

Metabolic Balance Programme: Phase Two Vogue 10 August 2012 in BLOG, HEALTH & SPAS   So, with phase one of the Metabolic Balance programme behind me, it’s head first into phase two! Of course alcohol is still banished, but I’m delighted to discover my plan now allows me caffeine with meals, and – drum-roll please – some […]

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Don’t wait until January to get in shape with Metabolic Balance! Vogue.co.uk is already on it!

Follow Vogue’s Metabolic Balance experience: http://www.vogue.co.uk/beauty/2012/07/30/health’s-best-kept-secret “Metabolic Balance Programme: Phase One For a self-confessed foodie who rarely food shops and lives hand-to-canape, the thought of starting a detox is not a warm and fuzzy notion. So, off to Chelsea Nutrition we go for an assessment for the Metabolic Balance Programme; an “all-natural weight management programme”. […]

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