A Week in New York, August 2015 – Part 2

Cocktails and Restaurants  Vote for best Margarita was a tough one – the remit: straight up, with salt and not sweet – and Empellon Taqueria, Cosme and the NoMad Hotel Bar all came up trumps. The winner by a whisker was Cosme, the hot new Mexican restaurant and bar in the Flatiron district. Noisy and […]

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Vogue’s Verdict on the Metabolic Balance Programme: It’s a food plan for LIFE! www.vogue.co.uk

http://www.vogue.co.uk/beauty/2012/08/31/phase-3-–-the-petronella-effect Beauty Phase 3 – The Petronella Effect SHARE 29 AUGUST 2012 VOGUE Despite over-indulging on holiday, after a few days following Phase Three of the plan (which you remain in until you reach your target weight or goal), my body has, incredibly, sprung back to where I was pre-holiday. Petronella Ravenshear, explains that the […]

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Don’t wait until January to get in shape with Metabolic Balance! Vogue.co.uk is already on it!

Follow Vogue’s Metabolic Balance experience: http://www.vogue.co.uk/beauty/2012/07/30/health’s-best-kept-secret “Metabolic Balance Programme: Phase One For a self-confessed foodie who rarely food shops and lives hand-to-canape, the thought of starting a detox is not a warm and fuzzy notion. So, off to Chelsea Nutrition we go for an assessment for the Metabolic Balance Programme; an “all-natural weight management programme”. […]

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