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“Metabolic Balance Programme: Phase One
For a self-confessed foodie who rarely food shops and lives hand-to-canape, the thought of starting a detox is not a warm and fuzzy notion. So, off to Chelsea Nutrition we go for an assessment for the Metabolic Balance Programme; an “all-natural weight management programme”. The aim is to recharge and reset your metabolic rate so that you burn food more efficiently (while lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol along the way). What does it entail? A “body survey” chat with nutritionist Petronella Ravenshear to establish your current eating habits and needs, followed by a blood test (sent off to a lab in Germany for analysis) to calculate your current metabolic rate and create your own tailor-made nutritional plan. Then there’s the weigh-in (or Body Composition Analyzer) that calculates fat to muscle ratio, bone mass, metabolic age, all manner of stats.
Broken down into four phases, Phase One lasts only two days, and we go for the vegetable-only option. Surprisingly there are no hunger pangs or sugar/caffeine-withdrawal headaches. Blood results back from the lab (a slightly slow thyroid, apparently), Ravenshear presents me with a folder containing the programme dissected in detail, a meal planner, a shopping helper and recipes suggestions tailored for me. Its indispensible and I name it my “Bible”. Armed and ready, we are prepared to begin Phase Two (the two-week tough bit)…”

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