Here is Part Two of Vogue’s Metabolic Balance Blog!

Metabolic Balance Programme: Phase Two


So, with phase one of the Metabolic Balance programme behind me, it’s head first into phase two! Of course alcohol is still banished, but I’m delighted to discover my plan now allows me caffeine with meals, and – drum-roll please – some carbs and fruit! The tricky part is leaving five long hours between meals (I’m a habitual grazer) and adding no oil to food, even for cooking (it inhibits the complete liver cleanse, so you know). It’s a good thing nutritionist Petronella Ravenshear is on the end of the phone or email to offer support at times of wobbles, and she also prescribes supplements to ward off hunger pangs including Glutamine powder and Alka-lize tablets for reducing the resolve-testing afternoon sugar dip. I’ve shed 6lbs in as many days, despite eating three meals a day, each meal with protein (crucial for retraining the body’s fat burning muscle memory). It’s a boost, plus I’m sleeping eight solid hours a night and my skin and hair look the best they have for years. I feel so good I even skip the world-class bread and olive oil at a friend’s birthday dinner at Bocco Di Lupo. I discover our executive fashion director considers Ravenshear a saint of nutrition and I wonder who else is already in on one of health’s best kept secrets? Will keep you posted on the final verdict…

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